Real-food philosophy

ARCHIVE wilma tichelaar

Not so far off (image by me)

The other day I read an inspiring article on the start-up period of the now successful organic supermarket Marqt. How the man behind the concept, Quirijn Bolle, pulled through difficult times, holding on to his believe in an honest and durable production process and his determination to bring back ‘real food’ into everyday life. 

At Marqt you buy local produce form farmers and bakers that respect their livestock and the environment. Certain E-numbers are a definite no-no and suppliers have to treasure Bolle’s real-food philosophy:

“Marqt is the place where it all comes together.
Different ideas about how we eat.
Respect for nature, animals and people.
Produce made with passion and responsibility for which an honest price is paid
Food that stays close to its origins.
Real food.” it says on their site.

The road he travelled has not been without some major potholes, but after 5 years of inspired labour Bolle is now the head of a multi-million business. More importantly: he has now eight ‘outlets’ throughout the largest cities of Holland, for his gospel of the Real Thing, and hoping to open more this year. The public seems ready for his visionary concept!

ARCHIVE wilma tichelaar

You understand the feeling (© image by me)

The images above are from the stuff archive I started to organize yesterday. Collages I made in art school, 25 years ago, when working on a ‘culinary diary’. The diary was never finished, but some ideas I kept, and these reminded me of the real food philosophy…

More on Quirijn Bolle and Marqt in StartersMagazine 2013/2014, Kamer van Koophandel Nederland.

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