Follow the script

Safe advice, always. If you have a scrip that is. Most people do not lead the life of Hollywood stars and have to come up with their own text and do their own stunts.

But! if you like the sound of the motto, K.Barteski runs your candy store. Beautifully written notes and thoughts, catching all those moments. I find them very inspiring, and here’s a few for the Oscar moment {but I like the smooth handwriting best!}

You can imagine there being a script for the evening, just in case you have to go up there. Apparently there is a business in helping (people?) to Write Your Own Oscar Acceptance Speech. You can Google now.

K. Bartesi

Daring greatly – K. Barteski

For everyone in the audience, hoping, this is well put.

K. Barteski

If none of the above, always – K. Barteski

Get inspired by the wonderful scripts and fabulously readable swirls of Kal Barteski here

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