Pre-Oscar entertainment

Tonight is the night of the he Oscars. At 2:30 am CET the ceremony will kick off. I had a quick peek to see what the charts predict, to get an idea of the stars appearing. Red carpet night, I am looking forward to it! (i.e. Read about it in the morning, unless it will be a sleepless night, then YOU can read it in the morning, here 😉

I love film, and I love the glamour of it all, even though the face of glamour is changing. But that’s a subject to tackle another time.

Here’s the support act for the blog report on the Oscars: Cardboardboxoffice!
Enjoy the re-enacted scenes from famous films, executed by a young couple and their baby. And a lot of stuff they keep in their home. Brilliant.





In this one they are guests on the Graham Norton Show, which they did in advance of actually being invited to the show. (What-would-YOU-do-when-invited-to-the-GNS??) I think it’s great. Everything about it.


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