A running thought

Run through Amsterdam

Chasing pavements

Last week we had a promising preview of Spring and I have been out running several mornings. To empty my head and charge the battery and while busy thinking nothing, I noticed these frames. Neighborhood poetry.

I walk from the house straight across the bridge towards the Entrepotdok, a former docking area for boats bringing in goods from the West Indies, which were stored in the warehouses along the canal. Now this is a secluded street where families live in restored warehouse flats, looking out onto the zoo across the canal.

At the end I turn north, toward the historic harbor of the Oosterdok, a floating museum of ships, boats and barges against the background of a VOC replica. Here you find the science center NEMO, a building by Renzo Piano with an impressive view from the roof terrace. With the sun rising over it the scene inspires adventure and promise.

Crossing over to the other side of NEMO I enter my favorite spot of Amsterdam: the Oosterdok’s west side. This is one of the eldest parts of town, the original entrance from the river IJ into the city of Amsterdam, formed in the early 13th century. Piano’s work of art is built right on top of the entrance of the IJ-tunnel, connecting the northern part of town with the city centre, dividing the original shape of the Oosterdok in two.

For pedestrians and cyclists there is a bridge between NEMO and the quay across. It seems more people have noticed the romance of the spot.

From here I turn right and pass by Hanneke’s Boom, the bar, and either take the Dijksgracht in front of me, or turn left towards the river IJ. These two different routes are two different worlds. One is a trip back to the Sixties and the other will show you a glimpse of the luxurious riverside future.

Run through Amsterdam

Close but worlds apart – in front the Dijksgracht and the Piet Hein Kade in the back.

The Dijksgracht is the canal that runs along the railway going east, the street going by the same name. Along the canal you find a myriad of barges and house boats, with old timers parked outside, improvised follies, fireplaces, altars and outdoor arrangements of all sorts, all waiting for a sunny day. Here I could crawl, not run, to take it all in. {This will be the next post, too many images!!}

ok one.

Run through Amsterdam

They don’t make ‘m like that anymore

From the end of the Dijksgracht I return home along the Kattenburgerstraat, along the north side of which a very-long-brick-wall hides the Royal Navy quarters from street view.

A few more streets from here, and to be honest, these last pictures are taken, just to catch my breath 😉

And, after the physical exercise I did feel a little less preoccupied, or was it something I read? 😉

Run through Amsterdam

Chaos theory everywhere

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