9 Today

almost 9

9 tomorrow, can’t wait to grow up

Tomorrow we will celebrate our son’s 9th birthday. When I kissed him goodnight I reminded him of his last moments as an 8-year old: ‘Tomorrow you’ll be niiine’…

He stared mid-air, and replied, ‘And then quickly move on to 10.’

And then to 18. And driving, me thinks 😉

He is just car crazy, you see, always has been.


almost 9



For his party tomorrow we will have the use of a Land Rover Defender, the car craze of the moment, to drive to and from a venue (and it turned out difficult falling asleep with this knowledge 😉 Last year an electric yellow cab took care of the ride, it was cool then, but this is awesome!

almost 9

Invitation to the party tomorrow – Defender is number one at the moment

There are many more, and it’s fun to dig them out again, to re-live the moments. The gigs we took him to, the excitement of everything car. To see how he’s developed his interest. Carboy, TopGear being his favorite program, will definitely try to drive asap!

But! it is the painting of Gustav Klimt that reminds me of the very car boy. {The painting is on the cover of a new novel, and my eyes were glued to it, I copied it to my desktop} It reminds me of us. Mother and Child, forever.

I wish he stays a cuddly 9 a looooong time ,-)

almost 9

Mother and Child by Gustav Klimt

{Art alert! I’m developing an interest in the Mother and Child theme!}

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3 Responses to 9 Today

  1. Annette says:

    Dear Vito, please enjoy your time as a nine year old…have fun today & tomorrow….x Annette

  2. WT says:

    Herb Lubalin made a fine 1+1=3-icon for a Mother and child: he used an ampersand!

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