One line a day

one line a day

I had my birthday the other day, and this gift is exactly what I needed: keep it short, keep it simple.

Over the last month I have been swamped with work and such, stacking inspiration and ideas high up in here, making it almost impossible to choose what to share, what to preserve. This little booklet will wipe my mind clean at the end of every day 🙂

The line of day 1:

“Mama said: Do what you like”

(written after a call with my brother on my birthday)

The line of day 2:

“Change is good”

(last line of advice from Susan Miller, regarding the eclipse of April 28-29. Actually, it being the first day of May I went to have a look what the stars have in store for me this month, and it turned out there was no text. No text on for the first time in -what? 14, 15?- years. Susan is in hospital, struck with illness, out of the blue. Isn’t that ironic? The astrologer didn’t see it coming. Of course there is always room for interpretation, for everyone. Wishing you well, Susan! )

The booklet is by

About Wilson

relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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