IXXI Midnight Makeover

wilma tichelaar for IXXI

The Fabric Of Home on IXXI – 24 inspirational cards. | Cushions by The Fabric Of Home | ©wilsontichelaar

This is my new dining area. Inspired by IXXI’s invitation to use their cunning DIY-wall-art-system, and powered by will. Honestly, it took me quite some time to get this together as I was overwhelmed with CHOICE.

IXXI is a great way to blow up your best snapshots into artworks with a design touch. So if you can decide on your images, you’re done. If not, and you start to explore the options, you may get swamped, that’s what happened to me. Because it’s not just your own tsunami of photos to choose from, but they also let you browse images by famous artists from museum libraries! {gasp!}

I started at least 3 times, with different subjects (family / long-wanted enlargements of early work / IXXI’s ready-mades: Famous Dutch painters, great for my B&B guestroom, but…) but! where exactly would I hang it? My IXXI was going to be 100 x 100cm! The spot would be decisive.

The wall by the dining table could do with a fresh hanging of inspirations, and my baby business (‘baby’ as in: starting up, still small) needs all the loving care and attention it can get. From the ‘audience’, but me too!

Once I decided on the design and uploaded it, I couldn’t wait for it to return. It would take up to 5 working days. Eternity when waiting 😉 but it came in before time was up: actually it arrived on my birthday! And late that very evening we decided to put it together and hang it, too excited to wait! It turned out a Midnight Makeover, but the next morning it was still a Very Good Idea 😀


check www.ixxidesign.com, www.thefabricofhome.com 


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