Everyday princesses

everyday princesses

Princesses by Joelle Jolivet

In the children’s section of our library I came across this wonderful book of costume illustrations by French artist Joëlle Jolivet. It is a mega size book showing costumes from everywhere, through times and ages and the images are grouped by theme; princesses, armor, spectacle etc. Lovely and amazing. If one thing unites us humans -going by this book- I would say, we love to dress up!

everyday princesses

Spectacles by Joelle Jolivet

Although some of the incredibly ingenious costumes seem unique and impossible to copy, other members of the tribe would wear exactly the same or at least a very similar dress, as most of the costumes in Jolivet’s book are traditional and were a way of connecting to a group, rather than an expression of individualism, the high bar in fashion nowadays.

Photographer Scott Schuman has an eye for the modern self expression through clothes. He is the man behind The Sartorialist, a blog about what people wear. He started off taking pictures in the street, capturing the looks of the uninhibited fashionista’s, stylish originals (often to be found in Italy) and of course, the fashion outlaws (who often turn out to be the avant-garde, actually inspiring high fashion, and thus closing the circle). But his blog (and first book) put him on the map and he is now everywhere, on the streets, at the shows, in the papers, published a second book, you name it. He has become a witness of our time regarding our sense of dress. A two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life, he calls it.

In the video he explains, when asked how he does it, that he spends half of his day out on the street, looking. He is looking for that something, which is difficult to describe, a certain look that he can fall for. I try to fall in love a bit every day, he says. And this way he gets about 3 good looks a day, which go up on his site the same day.

I love his work.


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