Lucky numbers

What is your lucky number? My lucky number is 4, and although it NEVER brought me anything I have this ‘special feeling’ for number 4. I also like the look of a 4, much better than a 3, for example. Although supposedly The Magic Number {great, happy song by Schoolhouse Rock!}, 3 is a common looking number, of familiar shape, and the < 3 notation is not helping in keeping it special either.


1 is ofcourse a Very Special Number, but esthetically rather dull, and 7‘s mythical reference is definitely intriguing, but I chose my favorite number when I was a child, oblivious to great stories, and the 4 called me: ‘Choose me, Wilma!’ 

But! my REAL lucky number -I know now!!- is my phone number.

So glad I kept my phone number forever. From the first brick size portable talking device with a fashionable phone company called Ben to today’s bog-standard, I can be reached through the same 10 digits. It feels safe, it feels ok and secure: anyone wanting to apologize or invite me without eye contact, anyone who was ever allowed to Call Me can still do so. For Memory Lanes or Just Chats too, just call. That is basically why I never let it go. But now…

I Am So Happy To Have Put In The Effort Of Forever Transferring My Number To New Mobile Services Providers!

Because, my number turned out to be my ticket to the bright side. My life -as I know it- is over, because… my phone number just won me £ 2 million!!

And the best part is ofcourse, I wasn’t even aware I was playing!! And I didn’t think it was for me, a mistake surely, no, they keep sending the notice untill I collect, isn’t it wonderful?

My ship has come in, by phone.

destination happiness

as if

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