Daily life today

It is still a long way back to paradise, the state of mind the nation lingered in, before the plane fell to earth 12 days ago.

The day before the MH17 of Malaysian Airlines crashed, I bought a tiny book of photographs in a second hand bookshop around the corner. It’s the kind of shop where you can easily spend an afternoon flicking through magazines and books, going from flashback to flashback, through at least a few decades.

This booklet caught my eye because the cover photo shows A Genuine Jump For Joy, which is also the concept of the selection of photo’s in it.

The size is explained to be a ‘pocket size’, easy to take with you, to have a peek when in need of some positivity, of some joy. An ode to human perseverance, the publisher calls it.

Jump for joy

Somerset 1955

Today every day, you would like to be reminded of the reasons to cheer. A lot has been said since the disaster struck and families and friends were torn apart, many individuals left devastated. Wondering why why why.

The purpose of life is life itself, Nietzsche claims. Then maybe it’s best to enjoy it while it is. And remember how magnificent it was displayed, how wonderful some moments where.

Life is absurd, Albert Camus said. And this is definitely an aspect of daily life today.

Jump for joy

London 1938

{There are some extreme and professional daredevil photo’s but also scenes of daily life being enjoyed to the max ,-) All soothing, in a way.}

Ga ervoor!*) was published by Uitgeverij BZZTôh, ‘s Gravenhage 2006

{* I don’t like the Dutch translation of the title much, it could have done without a title, me thinks. But how many books are there, without a title…? }

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