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Cut photocopy from a New Yorkian leaflet of coupons (1993) | wilson tichelaar©

I live in an archive. I have kept stuff from always and everywhere. To use, later on, when I can afford to live like a professional artist.

In the meantime it sits. Everywhere. And now, while redecorating my son’s bedroom, I am confronted with a stack of original photographic paper boxes, ideal for preserving, erm, large sheets of paper!

A quick look inside one of the boxes gave me this: Stencils. In art school I started making posters using stencils, first I cut typography only, later on images as well.

Flash back!! The lasagne pans. It is one from a series of 4, which I cut and used to decorate the doors of kitchen cabinets in a student’s flat. Pitch black background, baby blue stencil. The images are from a supermarket leaflet I picked up in New York. It’s a coupon 🙂

(the picture of the actual customized kitchen must be somewhere….)



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relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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