Reading while running

pavement stencils

that day

Today was the school’s Sports Day, out on the grounds of Amsterdam Oost Watergraafsmeer. Cycling back I noticed a series of motivational texts, sprayed onto the pavement behind the parking area, all in a row. Like a test strip. { I imagine a motivational Nike promo team, getting ready to ‘do Amsterdam’: stencils out, spray cans ready, a warming up for their mission: to cover the pavements in their catchy slogans and convert local runners to the Nike tribe }

pavement stencils


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relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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1 Response to Reading while running

  1. acdewit2014 says:

    Geweldig Wilma! Zag je een tijdje terug in oost toen ik aan het rennen was. Deze heb ik nog niet gezien. Wat een idee! Dank je, inspirerend!

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