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kids drawing

Free spirit outfit: this may as well be a Sunday slouch combo or party dress, with the right mindset.

Looking out of the front window this morning I saw no end of colorful sporty outfits on parade, and I realized it’s the Amsterdam Marathon today! Our house is on the edge of the city centre, about 7 kilometers from the finish in the Olympic Stadium. 35 km in their legs already, the runners’ mantra  n e a r l y  t h e r e ! keeps them going and some of them even seem to gear up a little when confronted with fans and a drumband (!) ahead.

Sipping my morning coffee, overlooking the scene from the third floor I concentrate on the outfits: what are they wearing?! It’s all very colorful, light and bright, and it’s interesting to notice that the ‘pro looking’ outfit not necessarily adds to a pro posture. Also, a stumbling, worn-out shirt and shorts can turn up way before a group of springy neon gazelles. And long beards don’t seem to get in the way either. Overall I would say the fastest group seems to wear less and more ‘disposables’ like long sleeves (sleeves without shirt) gloves (not may after 35 km) and caps (you-can-run-naked-but-keep-your head-warm-theory?) that can be stripped off once warmed-up.

Now, 4 hours after the start, the drums are still going, stimulating the army of fast walkers to shuffledanceforward to the rhythm of the bongos. The trousers are longer and shirts thicker, some are wearing jumpers and wooly hats, but this morning they all dressed to perform and they seem determined to finish in this Olympic catwalk of sorts.

The ultimate catwalk of running gear is a wide and long one

The ultimate catwalk of running gear is a wide and long one

kids drawing

A colorful ensemble that will make you want to move that body

The illustrations of sports outfits are drawings by 4 and 5 year olds. 

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