Robot Response

Blogging. What is it all about? Personally I like the Show and Tell aspect of it, to share and inspire. And it is often a one-way lane of communication, me sending, and you taking it in in. But sometimes my post triggers a reaction, a few lines in the response box, and I must say: those are the best blogging moments!

Here’s one I think fellow bloggers may recognize: The mysterious poetry of the automated, robotic response from beyond the dungeons of the web…

Who, What and Why I have no clue, but! I like to read it (and twist my brain 😉

robot response

Automatic response to one of my posts.

{The image above contains the whole and complete response. No link with the content of this particular post I would say, but! it seems cut out for a blogger, or someone sharing personal stuff on the internet.

-> Should I have been impressed or flattered and persuaded to reply? And by doing so … let the Trojans in? … or find myself subscribed to a wannabewriter’s webinar? ;-)}

BTW I would love to read the crappy lines you received!

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relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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