Does Randomness Rule?


Desire by Lev Rukhin (285×173 cm $5000. Image

If you know anything about photography and contactsheets, you will be mesmerized by this image like I am. How did he (Lev Rukhin, the artist) do it?

But apart from the technical issue here I  l o v e  the message, which is erm, multi-interpretable, ofcourse… (Saatchi explains: An ode to Desire, reconfiguring the sentimental nooks of Rome to eulogize a failed relationship)

…but what I see in it, is what I am always looking for and that is order. Order in the apparent randomness of images, occurrences, routes, happenings, luck and disaster, life, in short. Is there a reason to it all or does randomness rule?

Rukhin seems to have found an intelligible pattern or combination in his surroundings, relating to the way he felt. The way he composed this image out of apparent randomly shot pictures of Roman buildings I find genius!

I love randomness by the way. I have a large random collection of all sorts, which I could label Works of Randomism. But, in my collection every object or image comes with a story, as I am always looking for clues, somehow, it seems. And while organizing the archive of my collection 😉 I will share some here with you this month.

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