Skating on ice for water

Today our son will participate in a sponsorship for a pretty good cause: WATER.

Together with the children from his school he will try to raise money for a water project in Zambia (Africa) by skating on ice. They have asked families and friends to support them with a little gift for every round they skate. They are going for it big time. I just checked the sponsor list online and I am impressed with the amount of money they can pocket if they manage to skate a few rounds! Wonderful to see how dedicated these 9 year olds are to help children in need in faraway communities, deprived from fresh running tap water that we know so well and have plenty of.

For the occasion I had a quick search on my computer: looking for images of water, what we do with it, and here is what I found.

We are water, we cannot imagine our lives without it. We cook, clean and play with it and drink loads of it. Just open a tap and here it comes. We bottle it and pour it, we love it and sometimes hate it too. We are scared of it, but learn how to handle it -and not drown- and go looking for it, when on holiday. And we  l o v e  the look of it, with a good sunset 😉

How does this jolly and wet life of our kids compare to the daily struggle of their peers in Zambia, who have to walk for miles only to get a container of not-so-clean water to use for the day? Just about enough for the most urgent purposes, like cooking and -dangerous- drinking. A time consuming and poor business, leaving no time for school and no clean water for proper hygiene.

So today our children will skate on it!

and donate the money raised to Plan Netherlands, who will use it to build proper installations for clean drinking water and to implement education on hygiene. So the kids can concentrate on school and make a better life.

I feel the lesson of this project goes both ways, here and there.

Thumbs up and fingers crossed!!




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