Keeping an eye open


Flower. ‘Found’ while cooking.

The other day I read an article in the newspaper Next about ‘The inflation of the word inspiration’, written by Lonneke van Genugten: (in my words): From the divine world of the arts inspiration has moved on to the common grounds of daily life, where brands fight for consumer attention by being inspirational, trying to help make our lives better with inspiration. At home and at work, from interior design brands to our food, it seems absolutely vital to inspire, to be inspired and to do something with the inspiration offered.

No ordinary choice or idea will do to perform your daily task, no, that would just be the old boring routine. You want inspired routine, which means NOT routine, but something new and exciting. Amplifying our experiences, making daily life a journey! YOLO, remember? 😉

food inspiration

Why sandwiches if you can do this? (Photo from original article.)

Don’t go shopping, but be inspired to acquire must-have items… Don’t just cook, but be inspired to try the taste of the Himalayas… Don’t be a nice colleague, but inspire your co-workers…

{The marketing rap is a bit tiresome; if everything must be inspiring, then what ís??}

Genugten ends her story with a plea for routinely routine –which is no-brainer-routine, for example lunchbox choices, don’t put too much thought in it- and leaving inspiration for the exceptional.

So true.

Use the ‘divine force of influence’ to CREATE. Write, paint, make something, visualize an idea. Something you have in mind

and always keep an eye open for the unexpected! 😉


Read the original article here, in Dutch.

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