The Theory of Everything

The other night I saw The Theory of Everything, the film about the life of star-scientist Stephen Hawking, well-known for his findings on black holes and the nature of time. But to most people I would say, he is the famous-but-peculiar-looking professor leading a moviestar life style from a wheelchair, speaking through a computer with a funny voice. {He probably ís the most famous patient suffering from ALS.}

An interesting and moving tale about love -witnessed against the backdrop of apparent opposite worlds of science and arts, God and the universe, faith and terminal illness- creating life and… hope.

It left me wondering. A must-see!

Couldn’t help but look up a few things about the film: The lead actors are Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne, who is now nominated for an Oscar. Rightly so, his performance as a crippled, slightly autistic, brilliant thinker is out of this world!! In real life he is more of an Australian surf dude, which a hurdle of savvy Hollywood surfer girls seem to have picked up on immediately, if one may believe the camera.

Naturally Redmayne will have to be strong to fight off the goodies that come with the fame, and you can see it’s all in the making, as he has everything going for him, obviously.

But! a striking moment in the film to me, is the scene in which Hawking’s pretty speech therapist Elaine closes the door to his wife Jane, asking for a moment of privacy, while in the background we see the subject of their obvious mutual affection lying in his chair, bent backwards, chin full of shaving foam, waiting to be pampered a little more… The Introduction Of The Other Woman. Can happen to anyone.

the theory of everything

Elaine (Maxine Peak) – Stephen – Jane

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