Favorite Spot Of 5-Year Olds

Kid's art

Indoors with all my stuff

This year’s youngest group in school -the 4 and 5-years old- have accomplished an incredible difficult task with such marvelous results: They were asked to visualize their favorite spot in winter.

Think of the stress of choice! But they have been brilliant at it. They have opened up to the audience with gusto, showing their sense of fun and sparkle, friendship and love. I admire the unconditioned expression of these young artists, and envy the energy with which they visualize their thoughts. It’s not just markers and crayons on paper!

Looking closely at the drawings I think I can distinguish lovers of the outdoors, where others rather stay in. Some show one explicit favorite spot or activity, like watching television on a huge sofa or cuddling with the cat in a corner. Some favorite spots are unknown to me, but look busy and overwhelming; very entertaining corners, must be!

There’s one I am totally smitten with, and it’s a drawing by a boy who has taken the thought of a favorite spot to the next level: “It’s not places who make me happy, it’s you”, springs to mind. He has covered the paper with copies of letters, trying to spell the name of his favorite. There are heart shapes and happy lines. It seems there’s so much he would like to express, to write and draw… I think I understand what’s going on here … could it be l o v e ?

Kid's art

It’s not a place, it’s you! A born romantic.

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