Where the colors came from


interior decorating


interior decorating


One floor down from my previous post is… the living room. (Since the floor space is limited in this 3 story apartment, every floor has it’s own function: living, kitchen, bed & bath)

interior decorating

The living is one floor down from the kitchen

As mentioned in my previous post Making a home, I was going to help my neighbor with decorating her new apartment, which she aims to rent out. So the house should look like a home, but leave enough space for the prospect’s imagination, and stuff 😉

There was only one thing I had to take into consideration: this painting.

interior decorating

The painting

My neighbor, the client, had no other wish for the living room but to hang a much loved painting. It had been part of her home for more than a decade, and although the love for it had shifted from infatuation to appreciated companion 😉 she didn’t want to lose it, but she felt it needed ‘a change’, maybe a different space would help.

It sounded like a minor detail -including a painting- but looking at it closely it was clearly not the kind of painting to be put in a corner. Also the space didn’t have the kind of corner that would harbor the painting comfortably. So I decided to make it the centre piece and let the rest follow…

Although the red is quite prominent I chose to ignore it, and concentrate on the more subtle colors, with a touch of yellow.

interior decorating

Where the colors came from

interior decorating

BEFORE – the living room

interior decorating

AFTER – the living room

interior decorating


interior decorating



interior decorating

The bedroom echoes the color of the kitchen table and stairs: a darker taupe, combined with a dirty pink. The bed has two large drawers underneath = ultra practical for small spaces (IKEA)

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