Retirement Renaissance

Retirement Rennaisance

Earth News For Space

TONY GIBSON, Bright Old Thing, one of 14 elder creative talents


-> Tony Gibson –  the importance of reflection and humor

Tony worked for years as a product and graphic designer, prototyping familiar food packaging and new product development. After moving to the middle of nowhere in the Welsh woods, he started a newspaper called Space News – a paper with news from other galaxies. Rural Wales didn’t quite get it, so shelving the project, Tony began teaching product design at the University of Wales for many years. Later in life, Tony, now a gift retailer, has decided to take it up again, and dedicates all his spare time to a video blog called Earth News For Space.  -> He takes the role of an Earth-bound newsreader explaining various things about life on this planet to all life beyond Earth (should they ever want to visit).

How have your career ambitions changed throughout your life?
My career ambitions have been shaped by the new career landscape,i.e. if you are in medicine, accountancy etc. you have a lifetime career. If not, you are an explorer and careers are to be discovered. The trick is to probe the frontier. In my case new product visualising led to illustration, that led to teaching product development, and then a new start in design-led gift retailing. There is a pattern in searching for the extension of your career. Be perceptive.

Why did you choose video blogging rather than print or a traditional blog?
I chose video blogging because this technology is a breakthrough opportunity for everyone to grasp. With a small camera and the internet you can film, edit and broadcast, and your own TV channel of sorts can be initiated. Your creativity can develop and the most interesting screen-based entertainment can follow. To this end it should be part of everyone’s education. It is also a challenge to achieve a good result that is informative and entertaining.

Earth News for Space takes an impartial and objective view of mankind – is this something that comes easier with age?
-> Age makes you realise you are a visitor on Earth, in an experience gathering time slot. As you progress, you assist those on the path behind you and hope for the future of everyone. Within this you get that reflective approach that tries to make the Earth stay a better one for all. Therefore Earth News for Space is a mix of the impartial fused with the objective, laced with the creative and a helping of entertainment for the Universe….riveting.

Retirement Rennaisance

Earth News for Space

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