Still Life

This Life

Amsterdam, May 23rd 2015

I didn’t write for this blog for a few weeks because there was too much going on and I was too busy, and the two elements together somehow made me suffer from writer’s block. I could not get my head around the posts that were there, the subjects were there, but… did they matter?? Does it matter, a blog? Should I not make better use of my time?

When the world is on fire do I write about the small joys in life? When ancient art is destroyed in the name of a god, do I show the image of a super hero drawn by a 6 year old? When hundreds of souls are lost in the Mediterranean sea, in attempt to join us and our good life, can I write about the new furniture I spotted in Milan? And after the news of Walter Scott being shot in the back, all the racism going on, I felt I should say or write something, something that I know of and is similar in cruelty and much closer to home. Yes also here, in this good country, shit happens to likely suspects.

Can I go on about the wonderful unconditioned expression of children, or is it like pointing at a butterfly somersaulting over a war zone? Beauty, here for a day, forever gone tomorrow.

Last night I picked up a quote from a philosopher stating that positivity is a must.

This blog is about positivity. And to show the fun of it. To carry the weight and pass the time.

So, here’s for some light entertainment, to accentuate the positive.

{I feel a song coming on…} 

About Wilson

relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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