Break the mould!

beards. 2015

A much read post on this blog is the report on the phoenix-like beard, phoenix as in suddenly it was back, not referring to the shape.

Now, I think, we can conclude that, It Was Only The Tender Beginning… Since I wrote about it in 2013 the beard has spread like a virus…  (If you haven’t noticed or are not sure, read the post here)

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Now every man seems to grow one, and prune it. And if you can’t, you can buy a stick-on or have your girlfriend knit one. The art is open to all media, all considered nice. They are simply everywhere and so much so that a clean shaven face on a twenty/thirty something is rarely seen. And if you still haven’t met one in the flesh, you surely must have noticed an ad with a beard in it. Every branded message shows a beard. So, every OTHER branded message is now ridiculing the man with the beard and staple checkered blouse AND his identical friends.

And among these friends -off-camera- a true beard-envy war apparently is raging: Long beards rule, because the longer the beard the truer the hipster…

beards 2015

Fokke and Sukke would like some respect. “We were hipsters back in 2006” “Check out our beards!!!” (thanks to

Let’s define hipster. According to Wikipedia: Members of the (hipster) subculture typically do not self-identify as hipsters, and the word hipster is often used as a pejorative to describe someone who is pretentious, overly trendy or effete.

Does this mean that these men grow their beards unawarely? Or they do know, but don’t want to know? {Can one draw a parallel with the female denial regarding plastic surgery??} Because they don’t want to be labeled hipsters? Not a subcultourist but a true beard loving man, a natural so to speak. {Can you be part of a subculture if you are like everybody else, that would be mainstream, no?}

AND OH NO! When I switched on the tv for the Graham Norton Show, I was shocked. The show had already started and there IT was, chatting away, introducing guests, pointing at the screen and I thought it was a joke somehow, it would walk off stage and Graham would appear, as usual, but no, it stayed: The Graham With Beard. Was it real?? To me it looked like a Christmas jumper come alive: only jokiiiing! But no.

And this to me has changed the Graham Norton Experience. Where I used to be a number one fan and soak in the weekly transmitted sermon, I now get distracted by his beard. Dreadful. I have seen only 3 episodes since. Sitting out the beard. Ignoring it. Cannot remember the guests. Must have been A-list as ever, but no, a blur.

An idol cannot do this.

beards 2015

I still believe that some faces are better off with a beard, where others look less convincing with facial hair. A beard can be the finishing touch, expressing character, make a man stand out in the crowd. But not now, there are simply too many lookalikes. Can someone break the mould, please?!

beards 2015

Drawing inspiration




PS | 2016 January 12

It doesn’t stop: Pictures from Lidl’s brochure. Not just the beard but also a white undershirt seems to be en vogue for diy-ing.

Lidl is a large supermarket/warehouse chain throughout Europe, from German origins.

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