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vtwonen kleurboek

Elsewhere – “Earth, sea and sky. Mix as you please.”

The origins of our Delft Blue pottery is in faraway places like China and Japan.


The map above is of Elsewhere. Next to it a shell, richly dressed in iridescent mother of pearl. It is a spread from a book on color inspiration for the home that I worked on as an art director, curated by Heleen van Gent. It is a guide to composing color schemes for a personal interior, creating elegant and playful space to feel at home in. I always felt that my home is my shelter, a safe place where I can do and be what I want. Like the room I had back home with my parents, or the ones I lived in abroad. An island in the outside world. Always a place to come home to, and occasionally run away from.

“Earth, sea and sky.

Mix as you please.”

Always a good idea.

The book is the wonderful result of hard work by a team of utterly gifted stylists, photographers. writers and designers, all commissioned by Dutch interior magazine vtwonen. And I could add the year it was printed, but looking closely and rediscovering the work, I feel it is a timeless document showing the ways of color.

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