Cucaluing The Corner Of My Street

Mauritskade Amsterdam

The corner of my street as seen after living here for 5 years | Photo wilson tichelaar ©

Today I read about the new theme for the photography competition organized by the newspaper NRC together with Nikon. For November it is My city, my village. The idea is to look at your neighborhood differently, as if you were on a holiday and you are wearing your holiday glasses.

A few entries already (!)

On the back of the printed issue of the paper they remembered the start of a new month in the competition with a few words about the street photography app Cucalu. Which is not an app but a game, they say: Cucalu is an interactive game on your smartphone. With Cucalu, you look for shapes in your environment. The second challenge is to not look on your phone. The game is the brainchild of artist Daniel Disselkoen. (from the website) Disselkoen wants us to look around more and use our smartphones to capture what we see, instead of hugging our phones for the compulsive swiping, looking for updates and news, the greener grass.

A very noble idea.

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