dazzle dog

Since this blog is about the inspiration of everyday life I wondered whether this image would be fit for publishing, but then again, the internet is a very large part of today’s everyday life, and qualifies almost anything, so, yes the dog – because that’s what it basically is – is in. Met on the internet.

It had something to do with dazzle*,  a search word I used.

I was looking for DazzledSticks, two artists, aka Dazzled Kid & Sticks**, who’s new album I bought online, and a selection of objects appeared on the screen.

*) Showy brilliance that may stop a person from thinking clearly.


Dazzle battleship


Dazzle matruschka


Dazzle ferry




I nearly lost my way, but found what I was looking for on Tumbler


The new album by Dazzled Sticks – artwork by Jay Sunsmith

**) Junte Uiterwijk

About Wilson

relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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