Stuff talking

lay-out of objects

A lay-out of stuff in the signature glyph shape of Wallpaper (photo Frank Hülsbömer)

The lay-out of objects above is one from Wallpaper magazine, the world’s number one global design destination, championing the best in architecture, interiors, fashion, art and contemporary design. It shows how a group of random objects can be displayed as a coherent piece of art. The star refers to their statement The stuff that refines you.

lay-out of objects

wallpaper sign and statement

I misread it and thought it said ‘the stuff that defines you’.

It made me think of a picture I took last week. Where I did a similar thing. It is a group of objects left behind by guests of our B&B room. Two Asian girls who had been traveling Europe for nearly 3 weeks and had now gone back home. This they did not need anymore.

lay-out of objects

On the bed a lay-out of stuff left behind in our B&B room (photo wilma tichelaar)

I must add that this amount of articles left behind is exceptional. Also me taking a picture of it.

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