Master of many styles

Today I was going to visit the David Bowie is experience, the famous exhibition curated by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Experience and not just exhibition, because it’s multimedia everything, thanks to Sennheiser sponsorship. You cannot do the show without the audio tour, obviously.

After opening in the UK the exhibition has been on a world tour – Toronto, São Paulo, Berlin, Chicago, Paris and Melbourne – and it will land in one more European city, the city of Groningen, on December the 12th. An unlikely name in the list maybe, but the Groninger Museum – designed by Allessandro Mendini – could actually prove to be a brilliant match…

Groninger Museum

Groninger Museum

Groninger Museum, Allessandro Mendini

According to the report on V&A’s site, the show is jam packed with the many faces and sounds of Bowie, covering decades of popular culture. In the UK it was a museum blockbuster, evoking statements like ‘David Bowie is One Of Us’, and ‘What Did Bowie Do At My Age?’ {an echo of the Jesus variety?} showing just how deeply the work and persona of David Bowie is rooted in (British) society. Ignoring boundaries of age or generation, the London Bowie Weekender proved a perfect family event!


I am curious to see the Dutch crowd.

PS (at the end of the day): I will have to wait until December…And just happy I didn’t drive up there for this one thing only, and it turned out I would have needed more time inside than I expected, so all well, BUT! The lady at the reception of the museum just reconfirmed: THE SHOW WILL BE FAB • PUBLIC HAVE BOUGHT MANY TICKETS ONLINE ALREADY • LIMITED TICKETS • BOOK NOW!


Now I know

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