Life as a party

kevin zacher photography

loving Iggy, going pop!

Kevin Zacher is a photographer I just discovered. His images of people are simply bursting with fun and energy, stills of life as a party.

kevin zacher photography


kevin zacher photography


Zacher received a degree in photojournalism from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona.While in school however, he spent more time snowboarding and photographing his friends snowboarding than going to class. This educational philosophy led to a career as a snowboard photographer. {Here’s a good example of a passion becoming a carreer!}.

After this his assignments came from advertising and he is now working on major brands collaborating with big names in the industry.

Together with Todd Selby (from the Selby) he did a campaign for Evolve, the organization for gun safety in the US, a timely topic!, and it just shows how fabulous he is with people, children being the most daring subjects.

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