Record sleeve art

album covers

collage album covers by Jigal Krant

A collage of record sleeves by Jigal Krant was used to illustrate an article related to the past and future of paper on (Monsterkamer means and actually is a sample room for paper, a place in Amsterdam Oost where graphic designers can go for a complete paper binge: All sorts, from every producer in the country, for every purpose. Advice is free, but by appointment.)

Anyway, an avid records fan myself, I totally agree with the importance of records + printed sleeves. {Part of my collection of records I actually bought because of the sleeve art. Like The Sound of Bread}

sleeve art

I discovered their sound after I had bought the sleeve art.

But! Krant’s selection being already great, on Google I found another he did 😀

album covers

collage record sleeves by Jigal Krant

Jigal Krant is known as the reporter behind The kosher key question (De koosjere hamvraag), a Dutch television program investigating ‘the wonderful world of Jewish tradition’. Another platform for out-of-the-box comparisons.

kosher food

Comparing the price of lemons – Jigal Krant in The Kosher Key Question.

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