Adventurous Spark

Serge Verheugen

Do Something, by Serge Verheugen – Iron letters on railway overpass | Public art in Amsterdam Oost

Often art is meant to provoke thoughts. This one is meant to spark action. Doe Iets means ‘do something’, and when I passed it early morning, with the rising sun beaming through, it did fill my head with energy and wannadoos. Thanks for the inspiration and here’s to you Serge Verheugen: I decided to go for a little tour, and captured a few things other people had done.

do something

Do something with your bike

This bicycle was parked right next to the railway bridge. Definitely inspired.

do something

Do something with your old phone

This object of home grown art is one I pass many a Wednesday morning, by boat, rowing.

swings Amsterdam

Hang a swing – One of many swings installed over Amsterdam over the last years by ’50 swings’.

This is one of many swings I have come across in my part of town. It is a project of 50 swings throughout Amsterdam, put up to invite people to have a go and enjoy a little adventure.

do something

Do something circus-like with you bike

Build it and ride it. Make the city your stage.

PS: awesome image!

Doe Iets

image by Serge Verheugen

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