Maybe it is the non-stop talk about the release of the new Star Wars movie, maybe it is the pre-Christmas stress combined with trying to finish the photo albums of this year’s holidays before the year is over, but looking back, our autumn break trip seems very adventurous. The black and white speckled enamel hood of the cooker in our holiday home is the gateway…


A galaxy far, far away


Terschelling 2015

A galaxy far far away

Terschelling 2015

The landing area

Terschelling 2015

Which wormhole to chose?

Terschelling 2015

Where there’s water there is life

Terschelling 2015

Coming down – put the kettle on…

Terschelling 2015



About Wilson

relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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2 Responses to Agalaxyfarfaraway

  1. Wt says:

    Great storytelling!

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