Light Experience

It’s Light Festival time in Amsterdam, a period in winter when the work of (young) light artists is on show along the canals to brighten up the long nights. You can take the boat tour Water colours or do the walking tour Illuminate to see the lights expressing friendship, this year’s theme.

We thought it was nice to go by boat. Our rowing boat.

The pictures above are by the organisation of the Light Festival, press photos, taken on mild evenings, reflecting the lights as floating colorfields on silky smooth water. Postcards from Amsterdam.

Our night was a stormy wet one.

We tried to set off while the wind was blowing straight at the jetty and rain came gushing down. It was rather impossible. Bumping heavily against the jetty, scratching another boat trying to get away, we finally broke into free water, and more waves. From here it was only 2 miles down the river to the inner city and the lee of the canals, but a 20 minute workout in plastic trousers and wellingtons. {God forbid something happened now as I could not move to help myself.}

On the first canal we sailed under the fabulous work of Ralf Westerhof. With strings of light hanging over the canal he created a colorful scenery of encounters between people, representing different stages of friendship in life. The boat gliding through his story, was magical.

Then a gust of wind blew us towards the next art-stop, and this is where the madness started. Many boats before us – doing the same route – were lying still to look at the lights and we had to maneuver like mad to stay in place and not be blown onto the next by the wind. Right, Kodak moment is what I thought and got my phone out. Not easy with everything wet. I managed to take a snap, our captain decided it was to dangerous and we had to move. Hands on!

That is why most of the images are press photos. But somehow they don’t capture the experience 😉

Amsterdam Light Festival is on until 17 January 2016


PS: light,

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