Real Or Imagined

Rencontres de Bamako

Portrait of a Decade Zimbabwe 1999-2009, video 10′, 2011 – photo by Lucia Nhamo

One hundred trillion dollar notes rolling from a cash point… Not the luring image of our annual end of the year’s mega prize draw, but reality, somewhere. Or so it seems.

The photo is part of the Bamako Encounters, the African photography biennale held in Bamako, Mali. This year’s theme is Telling Time, ‘which explores the complex and multifaceted relationship between images and time’. Inspired by both Mali’s rich cultural traditions of storytelling and the nation’s recent political upheavals, it seeks to draw attention to ‘the methods by which artists narrate real and imagined experiences.’

A few images selected from the long list of contributors:

Rencontres de Bamako

Inch’Allah, 2015 – photo by Aboubacar Traoré

Rencontres de Bamako

Le Temps Ebola, 2014 – photo by Bakary Emmanuel Daou

Rencontres de Bamako

Installation clichés d’hier, photo de Oumar Ka, collection de Ibrahima Thiam

Rencontres de Bamako

Homesick (2014) – Photo by Hrair Sarkissian Courtesy of Kalfayan Galleries (Greece)

Rencontres de Bamako

Le nostalgique, 2014 – photo by Youssef Lahrichi

Rencontres de Bamako

Maouloud à Dilli Dina, 2015 – photo by Fatoumata Diallo


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