Synchronizing watches

time color

10pm at what colour is it?

You could ask yourself ‘What color is it?’ instead of ‘What time is it?’, since there is an endless variety of colors, and each moment could have it’s own color. The website of What colour is it has visualized this idea.

I guess, if you install it as a screensaver, you would familiarize yourself with the colors in combination with the time in numbers, and eventually you will get a feeling of the time, just going by the color.

time in color

10pm at The colour clock

But, then there is another site called The colour clock, doing the same thing – showing different colors as time passes – but here the numbers of the digital time compose the color. Time as a hexadecimal color value. And so, both sites show complete different colors for the same time! I guess they are both as useful as the other, as long as you know what clock to follow, regarding appointments etc.

Funny I came across this time concept yesterday when looking for the meaning of ‘tomorrow’. A variety of calendars is used throughout the world, and so there are several tomorrows…

time and date




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