feminist masochist

feminist or masochist, chose before the Sunday t-shirt

Just before going to bed I watched a snippet of BBC television. Gloria Steinem, a famous lady I never heard of*, was being interviewed, and said ” (As a woman) …you’re either a feminist or a masochist, you see”. Expressing her opinion, the fruit of experience no doubt.

You could say the two are worlds apart, 50 Shades of difference. Although some may argue that it’s one and the same.

*) From AmazonGloria Steinem—writer, activist, organizer, and inspiring leader—now tells a story she has never told before, a candid account of her life as a traveler, a listener, and a catalyst for change.

I’ll sleep on it.


PS: Now it’s early afternoon. With feminism in the back of my mind I just came across this poster.

It is an ad for Suit Supply. Beyond their usual tongue in cheek, ridiculous actually. Made me change the title of the post into Feminist.

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