Crocodiles at home


Indoor croc in our second guest room.

Today the national news informed us of crocodiles being used as domestic watchdogs.

Two big ones were stumbled upon, in a home in Amsterdam, when the police raided it looking for drugs. It turned out, they were ‘protecting’ a large sum of (criminal) money. After the initial arrest of the animals, they have now been returned to the house, as the owner has a permit. (??? for keeping man-sized reptiles at home? In Amsterdam?)

According to the newspaper Parool there’s an increase of exotic animals protecting drugs. Also a large iguana and a python have been found by the police under similar circumstances. A caretaker of the reptile shelter explains maybe why: “While the police is busy trying to find out what kind of animal it is, the criminal wins time to get rid of his administration”. (They know dogs already)

dazzle technique by definition.

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