Squeezing in one more

only one go

Photo by Alain Delorme

Since today is the 29th of February, squeezing in came to mind; Every 4 years we squeeze in an extra day, in the leap year.

Asian couriers know about that. Carrying an incredible amount of stuff, stacked high up on their bicycles or scooters, wheelbarrows even, they can always squeeze in one more, it seems. Trying to carry as much as possible in one go, they create beautiful stack art.

only one go

photos by Alain Delorme

only one go

photo by Alain Delorme

I found these images on the subject. They are the work of French photographer Alain Delorme, he took these photo’s of Totems between 2009 and 2011 in China. 

The day has just begun, let’s see what we can collect today.

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