Painting a paradise

Through my post on outsider art yesterday, I stumbled upon the work of Polina Raïko, the lady behind the religious mural in a home in Ukraine.

outisder art

Wall painting at the home of Polina Raïko in Ukraine

When I read her life story, I felt that I should show more of her work and share her amazing story.

Polina Raïko (1928-2004), from Tsyuryupinsk, in the dusty, remote Kherson region of the Ukraine, made her first mural when she was 69, after she had lost her daughter and her husband. She was left with one son, who was a heavy drinker and trouble maker, when she started to cover her house in bright colored patterns and motifs. For inspiration she took images from water bottles, chocolate, wine labels, religious postcards and translated them onto her house walls, using ordinary house paint.

Eventually her son also died a premature death and Polina continued to paint the house. In all she painted thirty-six walls, nine ceilings, and parts of the courtyard.

After her death a text was discovered written on the door of a shed: “How to find a way to paradise…”

Her house was discovered by tourists and journalists, and now a relative is minding it, as a museum.


PS | 04052020 | Reading this again 4 years later I think I know why I took to this story. Self expression, it seems she drew her inside on the interior of her shelter.

A note on the back of my door, in the corner of my eye, from where I am sitting now.


Paint the pictures that you long for | A Note To Self – wilson tichelaar

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