Little Red Corvette

red corvette

Red Corvette getting away

We’re looking at the back of a little red Corvette.

Prince died ‘on April 21 2016’, as artist Rob Scholte stated, during a live show on Dutch television last night. A memorable date, the end of an area. Corny it may sound, but Prince wrote the score to an adventurous period in my life.

An encore, drivingdownmemorylane


Here’s the real story behind the song. And it starts like this

” There’s no way around it: 2016 is continuing its status as the Great Asshole Year by taking music legends away from us. Today, it was Prince, because apparently David Bowie wasn’t enough for this ghoulish year. From a gearhead perspective, Prince may be best known for his song Little Red Corvette. That song was inspired by a car, but, oddly enough, not a Corvette.”  The story continues at

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