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theme park Wildlands

Waiting line inspiration | Be inspired while-u-wait

There’s a new weekend destination in our country, a zoo-slash-theme-park called Wildlands.  An Adventure Zoo. I visited with my son (11) and ofcourse, we were not the only ones. While waiting in an incredible complicated line, I noticed this statue. I think it’s great! and I wonder, was this made after an example, or is this made by someone thinking of an African statue? (Replica’s for the shop. Idea??)

After the ride, we came across this exact replica shed, for which -again- somebody made these funky compositions. Are these copies or free work? (I guess the latter but I would really like to know!)


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theme park Wildlands

We did spot an animal

The animals seem to hide, needing more time to adjust to their new habitat. But the scenery made up for it. The stones, buildings and water were all delt with in a very fresh way. (Who did this??)


theme park Wildlands

Not sure if there are rocks like this in Djenné, Mali

By the time we forgot the endless line of the truck ride through the savanna, we were ready for another adventure, a boat trip this time.


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