5 inspirations today


5 inspirations today

I bought a laminator this morning, and my son just had to use it coming back from school. After considering various pieces of paper we ended up with these bank notes from Sweden and Morocco. They were worth laminating. I just noticed birds in both notes. Funny how I always felt money means freedom (to move).


5 inspirations today

Meltow is a popular font from MyFonts.com, it said in the newsletter today. Shelter, a word that can bring tears to your eyes.


5 inspirations today

One for everythingcar.com: a screensaver from WeTransfer today. Introducing future expressions of masculinity, mobility and freedom, a prototype BMW.


5 inspirations today

A junior doctor was one of the contestants this series of the Great Sewing Bee on BBC2. Tonight she was voted out, and on her leave she shared that sewing had liberated her. How she overcame her shame and by making her own clothes she now expresses herself and is in balance. After a long day in the office she relaxes behind her sewing machine.

5 inspirations today

A bit of background from the BBC site.


5 inspirations today

A copper bracelet I recovered from my stuff. I am wearing it again. It was a gift from my friend Nandita during our exams from art school. I needed copper she said, and it was a blast. Trying it on again. The bottom one with stripy plastic tubes is a little gem from BeadRoute, I love it, have worn it for months now. The cord is a simple and cheap one, but a good backdrop.

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