Cover-ups and giveaways, an orientation

I am half way my life – considering I feel 88 is the limit, I am orienting the second half already – and I always felt you should never stop learning. Apparently this a a belief at the heart of Japanese culture and they live to be the eldest people on earth, so that would mean a lesson to listen to. – But again, 88 is max for me.


A screenshot of an introduction: Mary Katrantzou, new in.

I love fabric, have composed a rather large collection of it too, all future projects. Fabulous fabrics, for outfits, my own designs to wear. Or furnishings around the house. But thinking of a new field of education… fashion has always intrigued me. The stage dress of every day life, what to wear, who am I today?, fashion in magazines, the here and the up there. The clothes we wear are telling a story. High and low layers of thinking, thick and transparent, cover-ups and giveaways. It’s fun to dress up, choose materials, making a statement, creating a look or mood. (The image above is ticking all those boxes, for me, it is a matter of taste naturally.)

A Dutch museum is doing a show on fabric and pop-culture. On the poster Marilyn Monroe is dressed in a potato sack, looking radiant. I remember seeing this image before and knew this was evidence of some sort.


Marilyn in potato sack

” The exhibition Pop Art Fabrics & Fashion displays more than 200 textile and fashion designs, from the birth of pop culture in 1956 to its turbulent demise in the 1970s. Highlights include the ‘Potato Sack’ worn by Marilyn Monroe, recently discovered designs by Andy Warhol, Space Age textiles by Paco Rabanne, Op Art outfits by Mary Quant, items from Elton John’s personal wardrobe and Vivienne Westwood’s shocking shirts.” Textile museum Pop-art and fashion, untill November 2016.

Interesting to read the Elton John’s personal wardrobe is museum stuff.

“It’s not the dress, but the life you live in that dress” (that matters). Diana Vreeland said. Quotable, the woman and magazine she created: Vogue.

And that’s where I am going to start, Vogue. First pile of stuff to tackle, Vogue magazine.

For one, I love the drawings.

Infinitely elegant, the design, the look, the lettering, the pink.

Infinitely elegant, the design, the look, the lettering, the pink.

My post on Diana Vreeland and more Vogue illustration

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