Here’s a sneak preview of the work I am doing, an inspirational magazine for a large sofa company. I am almost done and took a moment to look at the flow of the lay-outs and the storyline of the magazine. I am surprised with some of the results. We all have been running to get an idea visualized, and now its getting shape. Happy with it.

Montel magazine

Atmosphere. Sunlight Mood. I did the collage in the background. Surprised to see a scribble blown up that way.

After my initial hesitation, I see the price tag as a valuable layer. I do like it. You can now quickly put the price on the magnetic atmosphere. It can be yours.

Montel magazine

Spur of the moment: the stairs where part of the location, we taped the carpet. The photographer added the glas of water. The gold paint isn’t very obvious.

You could call this an accidental picture. It wasn’t on the shoot list, but the light was right and the chair seemed to fit perfect on the top of the stairs. Brilliant how the glass catches the light, a last minute addition of the photographer, Louis Lemaire. (This an excellent of example of craftsmanship. No, a 6-year old cannot do this at  home)

Montel magazine

Ipad inspired kaleidoscopic collage of a chair

This collage is inspired by a photo filter from the iPad, the kaleidoscope. My son did some nice shots with it. We used this idea for showing single chairs. Make them more interesting.

(I did a post showing some of the iPad photos from our camping trip, Camping Seen Different, July 2013)

Montel magazine

Every household has one. The moon. Montage.

The Moon, on glass, is now part of the art collection, for sale. {Maybe put the price tag here, not mention the sofa, but the moon.} The photo was done twice, one with two girls holding up the moon, and one without girls and moon. Collage. The styling and photography is by Floor Knaapen.

Talking about atmosphere, moonshaped.

Read my story with the moon here

Moon Snack

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