Call to soul

soul graffiti

Read the signs

A word that had to be sprayed on the wall, see it with silver lining under a bridge over the river Amstel.

I first saw it while I passed it in a boat, rowing. It made me think. A month later I went back by bike to see if was still there and I took the picture.

Also, a B-side I discovered, had it for years, but now heard it for the first time. (Played it on my Stanton turntable and ace little speakers, in the living room, the sun was shining and it was morning) Love it.



Happy Tuesday, as our guest Thelma would say. A merry spirit.

Fits this song. It made me time travel, when my son played it on the car stereo on our way back from the summer holiday, spending the last and longest hot day on the German Autobahn, standing still.

The title translates ‘wasps on the appel pie’, you get the idea.




About Wilson

relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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