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I spent the last days in the parallel universum called Homeland, and I have totally fallen for the cast, the scenario and the reality of it. – I know I discovered it rather late, millions went before me, but still, very now. I am in series 4 at the moment and avoid looking forward on the storyline when looking up actors for some background; every episode includes several cliffhangers, mind the spoilers!

Mandy Patinkin (who plays CIA topman Saul Berenson) is my hero, and in the clip above he is talking to Stephen Colbert on his late night show.

My heart jumped when Patinkin suggested to imagine, the enormous amount of money, spent on arms, going to (worldwide) education instead. Giving the young a proper future, so they won’t fall for the dubious offers from war mongers (in short). Imagine the difference that would make. It’s a long shot I know, but I dare say, education is my religion. I believe it to be key to improve humanity. And it’s good he says this.

{I am looking forward to explore Patinkin’s career, as soon as I am back from Homeland.}


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