13 | Unlucky for some


For the brighter shades you have to look between the lines. And if you squint, and look through your lashes, you can see music paper too.

Today it’s Friday the 13th.

Maybe the snow storm I’ve been hoping for will happen today, they’ve announced it on the news every day since last weekend. But now I’m not so sure as I have to drive to Utrecht and don’t want to get stranded.

Maybe today the truth will come out in America*. That would be good news, but would end the entertainment of the series, Americhaos. Anything can happen in the next 8 days, considering the chaos of Truth vs Fiction.


And just maybe, unlucky for some is lucky for others.


*) What I loved in Obama’s speech was the line “(….) but, as my mother used to say, ‘The truth will catch up with you one day’

And also: Be careful what you’re hoping for, you may get it one day.

About Wilson

relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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