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online art sale

Neuroaesthetics – Postcard size art by Martina Lasinger – one left for sale at Postmodern

Postmodern, is a small online art gallery I discovered. It sells postcard size art made by upcoming artists, or established, but known by larger work. Affordable and versatile.

A great little idea.

Find them here.

online art sale

Postmodern – online gallery for postcard size art

About the work Neuroaesthetics by Martina Lasinger (from Postmodern):

“An object’s beauty may not be universal, but the neural basis for appreciating beauty probably is. When the human nervous system experiences beauty, certain parts of the brain consistently light up. These qualities, according to Beauty and Brain are grids, zigzags, spirals and curves. Such findings indicate that on some level, beauty may be universal regardless of culture or experience.


PS | 22072017 | I bought Neuroaesthetics, the work by Martina Lasinger, pictured above. It arrived in the post on Thursday.

It’s a fascinating grid of rectangles, like a 3-D map in which the alleys seem to be the slippery slopes. Four neighborhoods tied together in the centre, forming a pyramid.

Clever, beautiful.


The Centre Pyramid | Detail of Neuroaestethics by Martina Lasinger

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