Where Are You Now

collage I am proud

where are you now | i am proud 1991 wilmatichelaar

Working on my archive I came across this collage I did back in 1991. It is cut from a letter I received from a friend in Los Angeles, Behzad.

I remember him, he was about 25 at the time, and owned a videostore close to Hollywood. Together with my two best friends I had visited him in Beverly Hills, where we stayed in an empty mansion with a lit swimming pool that belonged to his family and was up for sale. The alarm was on.

He thought it was a great idea to treat us to a visit to the Phantom At The Opera after an 8 hour trip coming in from New York. But he had actually accidentally bought tickets for the night before, which caused major stress with the seating management. We offered to leave, but no, he took care of it and arranged seats up in the far back. (Where one of us fell asleep snoring, after a drama over losing an earring in a mad rush to get there in time. Not amused when woken up 😉

There’s also a gritty video of all of us, backlit in a marble space, telling stories in front of a black hole – the empty fire place –  like a confession session, maybe it was truth or dare. Laughter and staring at hands.

He thought I was funny, and I should do stand-up comedy.

The letter came in the post, and was written on an electronic typewriter, hence the typography. At the time I felt it was machine made. That’s what made me cut it up this way. Now I think it is a powerful message.

It is the voice of a young and optimistic man, who had migrated from Iran together with his family. Who embraced the American free style.

Somehow we lost contact, and I wonder, where is he now? How is he?

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relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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