Which Woman Am I In 2018?

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Illustrations by Izak Zenou, for Susan Miller’s Year Ahead 2018 Wall Calendar .

I chose images that somehow spoke to me, telling me a story about a woman you could find in front of the Guggenheim Museum, with an eye for fashion, a romantic, with a grey cat called Bonnie, who loves shopping for the authentic, who enjoys picnics.

While downloading them onto the desktop I became curious to know which of these fabulous creatures was my sign. Who am I in these pictures?

Turns out, I am not there, I am a Taurus. But there’s Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Virgo and Aquarius.

Brings a song to mind,

I’m Every Woman – Chaka Kahn.

Find out what your sign looks like on astrologyzone.com



This is Taurus, through an astrological filter. Zenou conceived a collection of symbols for every sign and put a face on it. And isn’t the fun of reading your horoscope – your personal astrological forecast – the flexibility of it, in fact, rich pickings from everyday possibilities?

The image above couldn’t be further away from my Taurus identity, although I do like the fabric 😉

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